Meet Barley, a golden retriever, who goes everywhere with Fluffy, a stuffed mini version of himself. Together the inseparable duo are starring in the “The Adventures of Barley and Fluffy: Amsterdam”, an illustrated children’s picture book filled with adventure, friendship and feel good moments.

Who are Barley & Fluffy?

Besties since day one, Barley is a golden retriever and Fluffy is a stuffed toy from Ikea. They live in the Netherlands and do everything together. They can often be found cycling the streets of Amsterdam, entertaining their 145k+ instagram followers (@barleyboy), and just doing what best friends do: chilling, watching animal documentaries and yes, going on new adventures together.

Who’s behind the book?

The book is written by Barley and Fluffy’s human, Zita Butler, a 30-something Irish girl living in the Netherlands with her Dutch hubby, Marc. She’s been capturing Barley and Fluffy’s adventures first hand on Instagram for the last few years. The book is illustrated by up-and-coming Amsterdam-based artist Ruby Broekhuijse.